New Year, New Hope

There seems to be a lot of struggle to hang onto hope these days. There are relationships that are exhausting, finances that are slipping through our fingers, dreams that seem elusive or even disappointment after disappointment. So much so that we don’t even want to put our hope out there anymore. We feel as if …


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Hi, Welcome to Hope Alert. There is a hope in God that goes beyond “I hope things will be okay.” Biblical hope is based on the self-assured expectation that God’s got this in the face of the unclear or the unknown. Hope Alert is a blog of finding trust in freedom in everyday living. A-assurance that God is near L-let go and let God E-expect God to show up R-rest is His peace T-trust is His love for you.

My name is Rev. Nick Nicholson and I am the founder of gkministriesco.com  My desire is to share thoughts of hope and encouragement as we work, play, travel and live together.